Sunday, August 30, 2015

Minnesota State Fair Food Report

 Korean BBQ tacos from Henri's in the International Bazaar: $8 These were pretty tasty.  I felt like there was a bit too much sauce.  I wanted the other parts to be tasted. It came with a few tortilla chips on the bottom of the container.  I would get this again.  It was good to split with my husband since the flavors were strong.
 Maple-Bacon funnel cake at the Funnel Cake place in the food building: $7 I had never gotten a funnel cake at the fair before, but with the combination of sweet and salty I had to try it. The wait for it was ridiculous.  It appeared that they hadn't yet figured out how to be efficient at taking orders/money and handing over the funnel cakes. It was delicious! We split between two adults and a kid. It reminded me a bit of when I make waffles and sprinkle bacon crumbles on the top of the batter in the waffle iron.
 Cowboy bites at the Frontier bar: $6 These consisted of sweet corn, bacon, jalapeƱos, and cream cheese balls deep fried with a side of ranch.  I thought they were very tasty.  They were sneaky spicy.  While you were eating it didn't seem spicy, but then it would hit you.  I recommend having something to drink with them. I liked the creaminess in the bites.
Stuffed Italian Meatloaf on a stick at Green Mill: I don't know its price as my husband bought this one.  It was similar to meatball wrapped around a cheese stick topped with sauce on a stick.  It was good.  I didn't eat too much of it, but the bites I did take were tasty.

Minnesota State Fair 2015

My favorite time of the year---Minnesota State Fair time!!
Miracle of Life barn checking out the baby pigs.
DNR fish pond---Thijs has been talking about this fish pond since last year and was most looking forward to this.  Lizzy's interest was not captured.

Paw Patrol Tour stopped at the fair and we spent a chunk of time playing with Paw Patrol toys and meeting two characters.  Thijs has been watching this show since it first came on Nickolodeon.
L.L. Boot truck--you never know what you will see at the State Fair.

This is how Lizzy rolled at the State Fair.  Thank goodness she took a nap.  I was worried that she would fight it.
Here is Thijs with Chase and Marshall from Paw Patrol.  He really wanted to wait 20 more minutes to see them. After meeting them and trying to be quick, he was disappointed that I didn't have a picture of just him with the characters---thankfully I had this one, even if it is from behind.
Lizzy woke up just in time to be part of the pictures.
Lizzy and I went on to the Little Hands Farm.  Here she is ready to collect her goods on the farm.

She didn't quite get riding the tractor, but we made it.

Here she is ready to head to market to sell her goods and get some money.
She choose to "buy" a popsicle with her earned money.  First popsicle and she seemed to enjoy it.
Last stop at the fish pond before leaving.
Lizzy seemed to enjoy Sweet Martha's Cookies as much as I do.  All in all, it was a good day at the State Fair.  After running a 10K in the morning and do the State Fair in the afternoon/evening, my step counter read 26,868 steps for the day. I was beat.

Running….er….I mean jogging

This summer after school got out, I started running.  I mean jogging.  I'm pretty slow.  I decided to sign up for a ten mile race on Halloween (Monster Dash).  So I registered for it as well as a 10K.

Here is my training plan that I found online and it was approved by my running coach.
Training plan is from  

SO yesterday was the 10K and my run distance was 5 miles.  So I ran the first five miles of the 10K, walked one mile, and then jogged the last 0.2 to run across the finish line.  I made it!  My goal was to finish the 5 miles averaging 13:00 min miles.  Even with the slow race start, I averaged 12:28 min miles!!
 My regular running partner was not very happy about me leaving her behind.  She whined for five minutes while I was getting ready to go.
 The race I completed was called "Women Rock".  So only women ran the races and a glass of champagne was waiting for me at the end!
 My first 10K completed and the furthest I have run since I did the River Bank Run 25K in 2003.
Here are the details. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fourth of July in a small town

 Someone waving a flag is excited about going up to the cabin.
 Thijs swimming out to the raft.
 Lizzy asked to wear the life jacket.  It is a little big for her, but she loved wearing it.  :)

 Cousin dogs running around.
 Maisy made a new best friend.
 Lizzy had no trouble commanding the attention of her cousins.
 "Little Miss Independent" ready for the parade
 Thijs doing some last minute minnow hunting before the parade

 At the parade with Grandma

 Thijs found this beetle during the parade and it almost kept him from collecting candy.

 Sawdust Scramble - they throw a bunch of coins in the sawdust and the kids hunt for them.  Thijs came out with three bucks. Not bad.
 This rock was near our parking spot for the parade.  Lots of rock up north.
 The parade haul- Thijs even put some candy out at the dinner picnic to share with people.
 At the beach
 With her mama
 Thijs' minnow operation

 Running on the beach
 Another beetle friend

 In her "Let It Go" nightgown -- currently obsessed with it.

I turned to find Lizzy sitting on this toy tractor shouting "Bye! Bye!" like it was going to take her right out of there.