Monday, January 27, 2014

What are we up to these days?

Well, we are settling back into a routine, kind of. With this cold weather it makes it hard to get out and do stuff like we had hoped. Thijs is in preschool every morning.  Lizzy and I usually run errands or do stuff at home.  Then pick up Thijs and have lunch and nap at home.  Thijs is on the verge of ending naps.  He either takes 2-3 hour naps or no nap.  Waking him from his nap is like waking a teenager.  He moans and rolls and then stays in bed.  I keep hoping he will just take a one hour nap, but it doesn't happen.

Lizzy is so close to rolling over.  She gets all the way on her side and then flops back on her back.  She will do it soon I have a feeling.
Lizzy in a dress
Thijs set up his monster trucks and their arena
You think I have big eyes???

Thijs and his new workbench
Lizzy at bath time.  What you can't see is that Thijs is helping me give her a bath.  It was so sweet.
Sunday night snuggles

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